Blink Latency Consulting

We are a team of experts in high-performance finance technology, addressing the needs of investment banks, brokerage firms and hedge funds for algorithmic & High-Frequency Trading.

The software we develop is: We work with leading hardware platforms and components, including FPGA & high-end networking cards. Our code is cross-platform (Linux/Windows/macOS), although Linux is preferred for back-office.

We have worked with stock exchanges, trading platforms, aerospace/defense and real-time 3D, We are intimate with asynchronous, multi-threaded, concurrent algorithms and the Actor Model.

Depending on the project, we combine C++, C#/Mono, Java, JavaScript, Python and Lua – with optional native bindings.

Our team has worked with Euronext (Paris Stock Exchange), Boeing, NASA, Raytheon, Electronic Arts, Intel, Nvidia, Microsoft, Cisco, IMD and Swisscom, among others. We’re fluent in English and French. We're incorporated in Paris, France.

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